Thursday, August 07, 2008

Your Co-Worker May Be Secretly Delusional
I am not sure the evidence is solid against Bruce Ivins being the anthrax killer. But it is solid against him having a grip on reality. Still, he managed to keep his high security job handling dangerous biological toxins.
“I wish I could control the thoughts in my mind,” he added a month later in another message to a colleague. “It’s hard enough sometimes controlling my behavior. When I am being eaten alive inside, I always try to put on a good front here at work and at home, so I don’t spread the pestilence.”

He continued, “I get incredible paranoid, delusional thoughts at times, and there’s nothing I can do until they go away.”

These e-mail messages...provide glimpses into the personality of a man obsessed with a sorority that he first encountered while an undergraduate, asserting in an e-mail message that the women’s group was waging a “fatwah” against him.
I don't expect a military microbiologist to be an especially normal fellow. But neither should the lab that hires him. Let's watch the guys working on the deadly substances a little more closely please...

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