Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who's On the Fence?
According to polls, about 10-12% of likely voters just don't know which candidate they will choose when they get in the voting booth in a couple of months. Some 5% beyond that seem to be capable of changing their pick from week to week, depending on completely bizarre, irrelevant campaign trivia.

Some but not all of this phenomenon is due to the well-meaning people - you may know a few - who believe there is lots to like about John McCain, and are convinced he's a good, honorable guy, hence worth considering for President. These folks always thought of him as their Favorite Republican. Their one-time willingness to vote for him was the last scrap of evidence they could point to indicating they were Non-Partisan, as they hate to refer to themselves as Democrats, because that kind of team-based political cheerleading is for non-thinking Americans. To be a reasonable person, the argument goes I guess, you have to be willing to vote for the candidate whose policies best represent your values *and* sometimes the one who does not, to show you're not tied to that worst of all beasts Political Parties.

All of that to say, after sending them daily reminders of the Supreme Court's oldest members, you might also ask your bi-partisan friends to think about McCain's response to Russia's increasingly aggressive stance. You could do worse, as Josh Marshall says, than to start here, with Republican Andrew Sullivan's reaction. [UPDATE: And here's a more pointed critique from Josh here.]

Tell them that after they come to grips with voting for Obama, they will still have Lincoln Chafee and Colin Powell to like.

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