Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Event in Indy?
Fwiw, the Nashville Post is reporting that campaign staff from around the country are coming to Indianapolis for a big announcement. has learned that senior campaign officials from the Barack Obama Presidential campaign are being dispatched from various locations around the country and are converging in Indianapolis for a “major event” to take place on Saturday.
Sources in Denver, the site of next week's Democratic National Convention, say that individuals responsible for Obama's major public appearances have been pulled out of the city and are heading east towards Indiana.
Ken Whitehouse is a good reporter with good sources. I guess we'll see if this is it, and it's Bayh, which would be fine by me.

Winning Indiana would combine with Iowa and NM to overcome a loss in Ohio. The math is right. I could see Obama losing the popular vote and still winning the presidency this way.

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