Monday, February 18, 2008

what have you been reading, listening to, watching?

Weekend Box Office
1. Jumper
2. Step Up 2 (God help us..)
3. The Spiderwick Chronicles
4. Fool's Gold
5. Definitely, Maybe

Article 19 Film Recommendation
I finally saw the film Winged Migration (2001) last week, a kind of documentary (nominated for an Oscar) showing the yearly travels of birds around the world. This will sound strange, but the footage of flying is astonishing. I know you think you know what it looks like - that you've seen birds fly before, but not like this, trust me. Here's the thing: as amazing as the pictures are, what you really have to see is the "making of" documentary in the DVD special features. As soon as I finished with the actual film, I was thinking "How the hell did they do that?" So, I flipped through to the extras and watched the background story. The answer was much more amazing than any I imagined.... one of the damnedest things I have ever seen, actually. It may have been more interesting than the film itself.

Any new podcasts worth listening to?

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