Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Delegate Counts
Are slow in coming, which I don't really understand. And many of the counts being thrown around include the superdelegates, which I don't think is right. DemConWatch is a good site for all things delegate-related. They have Clinton gaining 20 so far in Tueday's voting, 670-650, with 361 still to be alotted. I'm thinking that will put the total pretty close to my projection earlier of of 70 to 80 delegate gain for her, which will inch her ahead in the earned delegate count. (Obama went in to yesterday ahead by 15).

2 other thoughts:
What the hell is wrong with MSNBC, which claimed victory for Hillary in Missouri, allowing her to claim that in her speech, when Obama in fact went on to win. Have we learned nothing from FL, 2000? I guess not.

I'm surprised he couldn't come any closer in MA and CA, but equally surprised he beat her handily in places like Idaho, Kansas, North Dakota, Alabama, and especially GA which turned into a blowout. Those wins almost overcame the losses in the big states. A little close there and he could really claim victory for the day. As it is, about tied, with her inching forward.

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