Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Petraeus: Make America Safer? Huh?
Petraeus, just now: Will my recommendation to the President of increased troop levels going forward make America safer? I never really thought about that before.

That was in response to questioning by Sen. Warner (R-VA) who had to ask twice - he didn't want to answer. Warner was easily the most interesting and effective of all the Senators with the General.

You'd like to think that would be the headline; it really should be: Petraeus Never Considered Effect of His Strategy on American Safety. But I suppose it will go unnoticed.

[UPDATE: Maybe I'm not so crazy. Spencer Ackerman at TPM has noticed this exchange as well, calling it the "most stunning" moment of the hearings to date. It's what I thought too. He has the video up. I wish it were even more of Warner's time. The whole thing led up to this moment quite well. But until I find video of the whole thing, watch the part in question.

UPDATE 2 Think Progress has more video - a little more of the lead-in to the question to give you a flavor of how he framed it.]

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