Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Funny Newspaper Screenshot
I was looking for this story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the popcorn lung scandal, pointing out that the EPA has for more than a year now been sitting on the results of a study they conducted. But on my way there, I noticed this on the front page - you'll see that apparently airport sex is declining (not surprising, but how do they know?) and that Senator Craig "blames 'state of fear'".

Well, yeah, people are afraid to have sex in the airport for fear of getting arrested, but how did they get Craig to comment on the decline? Oh....they didn't of course. The Senator blames his "state of fear" for his strange decision to plead guilty. So even though it looks like they turned to an expert in the psychology of airport sex - Senator Craig himself - for an explanation, the two headlines are not directly related. Seeing them together made me laugh, anyway.

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