Thursday, September 21, 2006

Spreading American Values Around the World
That's really working well, isn't it?
The number of civilians slain in Iraq reached an unprecedented level in July and August, which saw 6,599 violent deaths, the United Nations said Wednesday.
"These figures reflect the fact that indiscriminate killings of civilians have continued throughout the country while hundreds of bodies appear bearing signs of severe torture and execution style killing," the report said. "Such murders are carried out by death squads or by armed groups, with sectarian or revenge connotations."
On other issues, the report painted a similarly grim picture. It said about 300,000 people had been displaced in Iraq since the bombing of a shrine in Samarra in February, and reported a rise in honor killings against women.
"Honor killings" against women...God help us all.

And, hey, Associated Press, if we have to use that offensive phrase at all, how about we put it in quotation marks like I just did?! There's no honor there.

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