Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Obama Watch
We've had a lively debate (here and here) over at Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death about Obama, where I continued an argument I started here a few posts ago. Since we're at election time, and not just any election cycle but one in which the minority voice Democrats are trying to take over the Congress and save us from the ongoing GOP dereliction that is enabling the President to ruin the country, I was saying that it is not the best time for Senator Obama to be offering his blanket condemnation of the Party, especially since right now he is one of the Party's leading voices. He should be demonstrating our values and exercising some leadership, instead of decrying Democrats' lack of same. I simply don't understand why any general criticism of unnamed Democrats should be entertained right now.

Republicans are tearing apart the country and quite frankly devastating the entire world. Vote Democrat. To me, that's the only story right now.

But, if you're going to get on your high horse and have a good time winning selfish applause while you smack down your own Party for not being good on values, you'd better get it right when important issues are staring you in the face and demanding that a line be drawn.

So, with that in mind, read this , this, this and this, and know that Obama is facing an important test that will go along way in determining whether his intra-party lecturing will be taken seriously; whether he will become a true leading voice of the Party, or take the easy road of critic. Yeah, yeah, I'm down on him right now, but only because I'm a fan with high expectations. I hope, and expect, that he will pass this test with flying colors and that I can go back to drooling over his skills and his promise, like I did before.

Also, Kos has something relevant (and important) to say here.

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