Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good for them
It looks like the anti-torture strain of the Republican Party (sadly a small group) may be holding together and rejecting the White House's latest compromise. It's about time the president realized there are more branches of government than just the Executive, and the one that's responsible for making laws is in charge here. How long will he go on pressing this (hopefully) losing battle?

It's nice to see Congress actually standing up to the bully and drawing the line somewhere...who knew the line would be at torturing those we think are our enemies, holding them without charges, then trying them without letting them see the evidence.

Sheesh. Hard to believe how far we've gone in casting off our deepest values, rejecting much of our claim to moral high-ground, all pissed away for the sake of mostly hollow arrests and small military victories, killing men and women whose children immediately take up the cause of vicious hatred for America.

There are lots of ways to lose a war. Nice to see us trying our hand at all of them.

Hopefully this rejection of the President's un-American tactics will mark something of a turning point. But there's a long way back.

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