Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who's the Target?
So, guess how Target makes all its money?Elizabeth Warren relays the news that 75% of their profit comes from their lending strategies--credit card deals. That means finance charges, late fees and over-limit penalties. And guess which group pays most of those: affluent upper-middle-class or the poor and working class? Geez, is our entire economy built on bilking the almost poor? And there's another element to this reality:
Is Target in the low-cost baby-stroller business or the high-cost credit card business? By a vote of three-to-one, the profit line says it is all about credit cards. That means that Target cares about tariffs and trade laws, immigration policies and all the things that keep their stores running. But they are even more interested in the laws of consumer credit. If they want to protect their biggest source of profits, then Target becomes a big ally for the credit card companies in the battles over credit card disclosure laws and interest rate regulation. Target has a real interest in every law that lets creditors squeeze debtors for repayment.

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