Friday, July 14, 2006

Frothy Friday
[bumped to the top - didn't mean to post over Frothy Friday!--Don]
Hello, Newman: overwhelmed postal worker has bags of undelivered mail at home.

All that glitters is not Mr. T: The former television action star shed the piles of gold chains that were his signature look after witnessing the destruction from Hurricane Katrina.

Probably a good investment, considering the market this week: Goldman Sachs Group, the blue chip investment bank, wants a Netherlands man to change the name of a sex-themed Web site called

Carly Simon's Top 10: Her #s 9 and 10 are among mine as well.

Who's a slut now? NY Times investigates, this time it's not about Congress (although Katherine Harris fits).

It's too damn hot and humid for heavy beverages, so I'm thinking gin & tonic this weekend. Cheers.

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