Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm a little late - but Deb wrote in yesterday with her FF entries for me to post since she's out of town. Her contributions below! Happy Friday!

Frothy Friday

What a stunner: Lance Bass (N’SYNC) is gay . . .

As is Bill Clinton, according to gender identity expert Ann Coulter, whose column trash has now been removed from three newspapers in recent weeks.

Ladies, pass by Victoria’s Secret and head to The Container Store: men feel un-nurtured if we “let the house go” and find housekeeping a more powerful aphrodisiac than sexy lingerie. Unfortunately, this is not an article from 1952.

The Artist formerly known as the Artist, who was previously known as Prince and is once again known as Prince, getting divorced a 2nd time – not sure what he’s calling it.

Most fun to read headline of the week: Army dismisses gay Arabic linguist; bonus – he’s from Johnson City TN.

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