Friday, July 21, 2006

Frothy Friday

Tattooed rocker / Baywatch bimbo love story #1: wedding bells for Pam and Kid.

Tattooed rocker / Baywatch bimbo love story #2: one less bell to answer for Carmen and Dave.

Poor Christy Brinkley: maybe everyone’s shocked because they still cling to hope SOMEONE may be immune to infidelity.

NOT WORK SAFE w/ volume up – Was I the last to see this hilarious version of Lebowski? It’s edited to the most frequently used expletive in the movie.

Question once asked by a former coworker of mine: are all the words in the dictionary? They are now, since 100 new words have just been added to Merriam Webster’s, including “supersize” and “unibrow.” Meanwhile, Time Out New York has a preview of a future batch including “celebuskank.”

And finally, speaking of celebuskanks: DB, here’s a more affordable option for you than a sex robot.

Gan bei -

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