Friday, July 28, 2006

Josh has video of the President's answer to David Gregory's piercing question this morning. You have to see it to believe it. Bush, of course, didn't respond to Gregory so you have to just appreciate the beauty of the question separately. But what he did say is remarkable and depressing, namely this: stability in the world is no longer a goal of America's foreign policy. Calm is over-rated. (that is not hyperbole, it's almost exactly what he said) He really believes that we can wash away hatred in the world and usher in a democracy and freedom and peace through a concentrated strategy of force, violence, and confrontation.

Things aren't going badly you see, this is just a part of the plan, our coherent foreign policy in action.

He simply lives in a scary-utopian fairytale dreamland of good and evil. In addition to being the worst ever, Bush is also maybe the least practical President ever?

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