Thursday, January 27, 2005

Senator Boxer posts a diary on Kos
Or, well at least her staff did for her, who knows. Either way there's a post with her name on it. Watching elected officials gradually embrace blogging communities is interesting. And it makes perfect sense: she probably just increased her donor base by a factor of 10. Is Barbara up to something else, politically, like a Presidential run? Or is this more of a sign, like I'm guessing, that she's given up on ever making one, so now she's free to kick more butt?

Also, I had no idea that the 13 votes against Condi represent the most against a Sec. of State nominee since 1825. I'm sure her self-esteem is still intact. But not too high, to continue that debate, if you think like I do that playing loose with the truth to make yourself look better, and an arrogant refusal to admit mistakes are both signs of low self-esteem.

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