Saturday, January 08, 2005

I thought Mozart makes kids smarter
I have to admit, hearing Pavarotti sing usually does this to me also.
Co-op, a chain of grocery stores, is experimenting with playing classical music outside its shops, to stop youths from hanging around and intimidating customers. It seems to work well. Staff have a remote control and “can turn the music on if there's a situation developing and they need to disperse people”, says Steve Broughton of Co-op.
I hope and assume that it's the operatic singing style that drives them away. But I wonder why Mozart? Frankly I don't believe it could be especially effective. I'd like to see the kids try to stick it out through any of Wagner's Ring Cycle. Have you ever tried to focus on mischief or other shenanigans with Gotterdammerung in the air?

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