Thursday, January 20, 2005

Four More Years
By the time he is gone, most if not all of the following will be true:
--Bush will have appointed 3 Supreme Court justices to join Thomas and Scalia as the most right-wing majority in history. Rights to privacy, abortion, dissent, due process will all be threatened or rolled back.
--The budget deficit will continue ballooning, and major government programs will be gutted or killed under the guise of stemming the growth of our debt. Medicare, non-military science research, education will face serious cuts. And of course funding of the arts and humanities will be done away with altogether.
--We will still have troops in Iraq and over 4,000 soldiers killed, or else that nation will be plunged into civil war and brutal tribal rule based on extreme Islamic fundamentalism. Or perhaps both. Either way, Iraq will be a recruiting haven for terrorists; its dire poverty and lack of stability will turn citizens into terrorists with ease.
--Europe will be the world's economic superpower.
--We will have bombed targets in Iran.
--Federal and local tax bases per capita will continue to shrink, growing the ranks of the impoverished and homeless, and further enriching the very wealthy.
--Americans will continue to vote based not on those things, but on which Party more believably kisses the ass of God.
--You will be four years older, or else dead.
Happy Inauguration Day.

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