Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lock your doors...or not
Light posting day because classes start tomorrow and I'm losing my mind (would I wait until the day before to make sure I'm ready? nooooo.) But I thought I would relay an experience from yesterday.

The lock on my front door broke. With me outside. About 7 pm, so I had to call one of those 24-hour locksmiths. He was prompt and helpful and replaced the broken piece in my lock. Here's the thing: he got the door open using a little piece of plastic about the size of a credit card with a hole in it. There's a molding barrier that wraps around the door, which opens inside, so I never thought you could really slide something in there (I've seen people open less secure doors with a credit card or butter knife...so I know how that works).

I usually have just locked the door, and not the deadbolt, thinking that was plenty of security. I assumed locksmiths did their handy work with sophisticated, loud tools. But now I know that any fool with a little training, or practice, can open my locked door with a little piece of plastic he keeps in his wallet. So, I'm locking the deadbolt from now on (luckily I didn't get to see how easily he can get into that).

I'm not saying thieves are everywhere and we are all in danger; only saying that if they haven't broken into our houses yet it's only because they haven't wanted to, or haven't gotten around to it yet. If you don't already have more than one lock in action, maybe you should.

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