Thursday, January 27, 2005

Civil Disobedience (of sorts) on Feb. 8
I mentioned earlier the plight of the Eyes on the Prize documentary which is not available on DVD and is not available for public showing due the enormous licensing restrictions on footage and even the "Happy Birthday" song. Downhill Battle has made the film available digitally in an attempt to save it through grassroots, community-based sharing and screenings. It is a truly fabulous idea and perfect use of the Internet for civil disobedience against the corporate lunacy that is some of our copyright/licensing laws.

They are asking everyone to organize a screening of Part I on Feb 8 as a part of Black History Month. Download the film and watch it with friends and family or organize a larger screening. Scroll down the link above to read more information about the film and the laws that have now hidden it from further distribution or public showing.

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