Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do We Care?
That iTunes and The Beatles have finally, finally reached an agreement?

I was hoping that when it finally took place there would be something ground-breaking about the deal - a dramatic new pricing system, or maybe the inevitable move to cloud-based music storage. Instead, they are just kind of the last ones to jump on the iTunes ship.

My only real question is what happens to the tracks on, say Sgt. Pepper's or The White Album that segue one to another. If you buy "Dear Prudence", do you hear the jet plane from the end of "Back in the USSR" at the beginning? And, I haven't looked at the store yet to check this out, but do you have to pay separately for each track comprising the suite of songs on Side 2 of Abbey Road? "Her Majesty", as well? Would be nice if they sold the entire stretch together as one.


Wyatt said...

It's hard to care when anyone with an iPod who really is into the Beatles would've long since ripped them from CD. I suppose, though, that some people might be keen to get the 2009 remastered versions from iTunes, if they have the older versions of the albums.

stevie t said...

Who will buy? For now, a few people with enough money and an Apple iPod who would rather buy than rip because it's just easier for them. And in the future, the young people, probably musicians who just discovered The Beatles, like some of the kids in Don's class.... And my guess is that you will have to buy each of the segued tunes, and things like Her Majesty, just like other segued and short songs, like some XTC and Sufjan Stevens.

Doug said...

Right now (Friday night before Thanksgiving), there are 17 Beatles collections in the iTunes Top 100 at (from Abbey Road at #4 to Yellow Submarine at #81). Somebody's buying 'em.