Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Take 2
Stevie T suggest another post for this convo, so trying again. Post below is too long and has too many thoughts - still welcome those comments and questions though. Here, purely out of curiosity, and I promise my last Beatles post for a long while, I invite you to tell either 1) your favorite original Beatles track; or 2) your opinion about the *best* original Beatles track (should you believe in that distinction). Any explanation is of course welcome but not required for participation. Both lovers and haters of Beatles are invited.

You can do it.

If you can at least narrow down to a handful of choices, you will be ridiculed (wuss!) but your answer accepted.

(Note: I offered students the option of choosing the suite (medley) of songs on the 2nd side of Abbey Road - from "You Never Give Me Your Money" through "The End" - as a single track for purpose of the project. So, it is fair game, and would be one of my finalists for both #1 and #2)

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