Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm Going to be Pissed
...if Democrats lose in the special election to replace Ted Kennedy, as is looking more and more possible. It would leave Democrats with 2 very unsavory options in health care reform: 1) Delay seating Republican Scott Brown (which, lets face it is what Republicans would do in the same position) until the compromise bill can pass the Senate. Along with facing a political firestorm, this strategy may not even work, should someone (Lieberman) decide it's such a bad move that he would refuse to support health reform under the circumstances; or 2) the House would have to pass a bill identical to what the Senate has already passed, so it doesn't have to go back and face a GOP filibuster, rendering all the recent compromises moot. That would still be well worth passing, but we'd miss the chance to slightly improve it that we will have otherwise.

Less importantly, it will leave us Democrats electorally depressed not just after November as I already anticipate, but all year long. Ugh.

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