Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Health Care Reform on progressive Democrats in the House now, who could pass the Senate version immediately and get it to the President. Apparently they are refusing to do that, and to protect what, exactly? Their utopian plan? The unions that will take a hit from the "cadillac tax"? What else is so worth going down in flames, losing the House in November, and leaving the American people with the status quo in health care?

It's absolutely shocking to hear that the Barney Franks, Anthony Wieners and Jerrold Nadlers of the world are now the immovable objects blocking the sensible reforms we need: a mandate, subsidies for those who can't afford it, and new rules for insurance companies to protect the insured from exploitation, abandonment and bankruptcy.

They could do it right now. Tomorrow. No Senate vote required.

It's both political and governing malpractice that this wasn't done already, thanks to all the internal hand-wringing and posturing over compromises we all knew were coming. This all should have been done before Ted Kennedy even died, let alone before his replacement was elected.

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