Friday, January 29, 2010

Must-See TV
I am home early today after snow convinced me not to stick around school this afternoon, (Accumulation on deck looks like about an inch and counting!) and was immediately mesmerized by what was on my teevee: President Obama taking questions from House Republicans at their retreat. I knew he accepted their invite; didn't know he would take Q and A, and especially didn't know it was going to be live on tv. At the risk of over-hyping, it was maybe some of the most compelling stuff I've seen in quite a while, maybe even - dare I think it - a bit substantive.

I can't help but think that if Presidents routinely held sessions like these, the country would be so much better for it - at least our politics, and maybe our policy as well. Of course, I assume that means that instead this will never happen again. Frankly, the President ran rings around them today, and on live tv, further making it unlikely question time will become an American tradition.

If you have time, you should do yourself a favor and watch. It's online now. At times, he reminded me of videos you see of President Kennedy volleying with critics.

[UPDATE: Here's the White House's video link of the event if you're having trouble with c-span.]

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