Monday, December 15, 2008

What have you been watching, listening to, reading?

Book Bleg
For a fun class I'm teaching hopefully next fall (more on that later I'm sure), I'm in need of a good introductory text that covers modern British history through much of the 20th Century - especially post-war period, and something broader than just military/political history. Looking for economic, cultural, sociological framework as well. This would not be for students but to educate myself. Anybody know anything like that?

Aging Gracefully
If it wasn't for Paul, the Beatles would never have made a political statement for peace, and also, Bono and Bob Geldof would never have thought of being involved in combating world poverty. Or at least so he says.

Top 10 Books of the Year
The NYTimes has the list. I haven't read any of them of course, though I have started Julian Barnes' memoir on death and God and so far I hate it. Not sure why such a brilliant artist wants to use his beautiful sentences to reveal himself to be such an unattractive person. But I'm just 30 pages in. If I ever finish it (it's short), I'll get back to you.

AFI Top 10 Films of the Year
In alphabetical order: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Dark Knight, Frost/Nixon, Frozen River, Gran Torino, Iron Man, Milk, Wall-E, Wendy and Lucy, The Wrestler

Trailer of the Week: The Wrestler

Weekend Box Office

1. The Day the Earth Stood Still
2. Four Christmases
3. Twilight
4. Bolt
5. Australia

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