Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Early Childhood Education Experts are Excited
Because of this:
[T]he $10 billion Mr. Obama has pledged for early childhood education would amount to the largest new federal initiative for young children since Head Start began in 1965. Now, Head Start is a $7 billion federal program serving about 900,000 preschoolers.
Asked if the financial troubles might force him to scale back, Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the transition, said, “We simply cannot afford to sideline key priorities like education.”
Driving the movement is research by a Nobel Prize-winning economist, James J. Heckman, and others showing that each dollar devoted to the nurturing of young children can eliminate the need for far greater government spending on remedial education, teenage pregnancy and prisons.
I am a big fan of early child spending. Of course, it takes more than dollars for the "nurturing of young children", and there will eventually be diminishing returns on money invested here, right? But I'll try not to quibble. I would prefer to see what happens with an administration that values these programs for a change.

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