Friday, December 05, 2008

The report today was not good. Unemployment is at 6.7% and 533,000 jobs were lost in November - that's the most in any month since 1974.
“We have gone from recession into something that looks more like collapse,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief domestic economist at High Frequency Economics, referring to the accelerating job losses in recent months.

The job losses in November far exceeded the 350,000 figure that was the consensus expectation of economists.
I drew up a quick chart to reflect our economic status, for you visual learners:
Seriously, how does Bush live with himself. Why would he not simply resign in disgrace?

Official Article 19 Advice to Readers: Don't quit your job and don't do anything that makes you look expendable. Be quick to claim your successes, but not in a way that alienates your colleagues and makes them want to get rid of you. Keep your head down amid any failures. And maybe don't look at the Internet so much while you're on the job.

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