Friday, December 12, 2008

A Bad Plan Except for the Alternative
The NYTimes has it right I think: the auto bailout plan was a lousy deal, getting worse every day of negotiation. But all things considered, the only thing worse than passing it would be not passing it.
[A]llowing one or more of these companies to collapse into bankruptcy proceedings could potentially cause the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and even greater economic havoc.
The short-term bailout not only buys time, it uses the time to build a long-term restructuring plan. The incoming Obama administration can then decide whether to invest billions more to truly rebuild the industry.
Thank Republicans for killing it! And classy that the issue they were hung up on was insisting that car companies gut worker salaries, immediately.

Do Republicans actively seek the asshole position before taking it? Or are they just naturally drawn to it?

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