Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Democratic Debate

I thought Hillary was going to have a speechless moment there for a second, but instead she turned Edwards' shot at her into a rousing success for her. In addition to that, she just generally knows how to pivot policy questions on real-life concerns of the listener. Olbermann asks a question about China to all the candidates: are they an ally or an adversary? Everybody essentially agrees the answer is neither. They're a competitor. She's the one that mentions that we're tired of buying their poisoned food and toys.

Some fireworks surrounding Obama's recent Pakistan remarks. From my ears, Obama may have gotten the better of Hillary on that. Then a woman who lost her husband in a mine disaster asked Senator Biden about mine safety and worker protections in light of the ongoing situation in Utah. Biden basically ignored her question so he could use his time to get in another shot on Pakistan. Classy.

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