Monday, May 14, 2007

what have you been watching, listening to, reading?

Dear Sir
Author and Beatles expert Tim Riley pleads with Paul McCartney to save EMI.

Weekend Box Office
1. Spiderman 3
2. 28 Weeks Later
3. Georgia Rule
4. Disturbia
5. Delta Farce

Movies I saw in the last week: #87, Air Guitar Nation, and #6, Fracture. The first is a pretty funny look at a funny event - the world air guitar championships. COuld have been better, but worth a rental if you're looking for something light and funny that's not stupid Hollywood fare. Fracture was a decent twist on the legal thriller genre. 3 things bugged me: I don't know anything about acting or accents - and surely Anthony Hopkins of all people knows what he's doing. But I'd swear his accent in some scenes was strangely Irish, but not in most scenes. 2) Ryan Gosling was thoroughly unlikable and unbelievable; 3) the film noirish lighting was pointlessly over-the-top. Despite those things, believe it or not, a decent thriller, if you're into that.

The Sopranos
...was awesome last night. My favorite episode of the new batch.

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