Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Idiots [UPDATED]
Heard just now on MSNBC, as they carry on about Jerry Falwell (my transcription),
Contessa Brewer (speaking to Chris Matthews):
You're looking at a guy - Jerry Falwell - who had a lot of influence on the current President, even now. One of my producers, Chris, just pulled up a page from whitehouse.org where they say "Jerry Falwell has earned his role as the de facto executive director of domestic and global policy for the White House." How much influence did he have on George W. Bush?
Of course, and apparently unbeknownst to the crack detective staff at MSNBC, whitehouse.org is a satire site... the actual web address of the White House is whitehouse.gov. It's nice to see the mainstream media snatching satire from the jaws of the serious here.

[UPDATE: TPM has posted the video here.]

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