Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Good News? Scientists are exploring promising new ways to re-grow fingers and perhaps entire limbs. The Bad News? It involves pig bladders.
If Spievack, now 68, had been a toddler, things might have been different. Up to about age 2, people can consistently regrow fingertips, says Dr. Stephen Badylak, a regeneration expert at the University of Pittsburgh. But that's rare in adults, he said.

Spievack, however, did have a major advantage - a brother, Alan, a former Harvard surgeon who'd founded a company called ACell Inc., that makes an extract of pig bladder for promoting healing and tissue regeneration.
Hmmm how convenient! A man with a company touting a new and controversial method of restoring severed tissue just happens to find the success story he's been looking for - in his own family! I suppose it all sounds on the up and up, but if you want evidence that it's all a joke, how about that picture right on the front, of the man extending the finger in question for us.

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