Friday, March 31, 2006

Is Dean Converting the Skeptics?
This article makes it sound so, but who knows where they come up with this stuff. I still appreciate Dean's strategy: to compete everywhere the Party has to be less concerned with a few individual races and more concerned with the overall health of the organization nationwide.
A new DNC hire -- finance director Carl Chidlow -- was brought aboard to help bridge the two cultures. Chidlow was deputy finance director for Sen. John Kerry's record-setting presidential bid and considered one of the party's best professional fundraisers.

A friend says Chidlow decided to accept Dean's job offer after finding evidence that Dean truly was committed to competing everywhere. One of Chidlow's prime tasks today: to evangelize Dean's state-based efforts to major donors.

And Dean has one supremely important new ally who, when he goes public, will almost certainly help with donors. In late February, Dean traveled to Harlem and sat down with former President Bill Clinton, often said to be privately disparaging of Dean.

But as Dean walked Clinton through his 50-state capacity-building project, Clinton became a convert. He vowed to help Dean win the attention of donors.
No clue if that last part is true - how would anybody know? Might be an inaccurate leak from Dean's people for all we know--what's Clinton going to do, come out against the direction of the Party a few months away from the most promising congressional election Dems have had since '92? But I hope it's true because I really do believe in the 50-state, long cycle strategy

I'm going to show my support by sending a few measly bucks in the direction of the DNC. You may want to do the same.

Once the summer is here, I'll pick a race or 2 to support as well.

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