Friday, March 10, 2006

Game Time--let's hear it

wow do the Cats look terrible. 6 points in the first 11 minutes.

someone made a shot! could KY break 20 by halftime? They should be losing by 25.

signs of life...tubby reaches deep into the bench. somehow winning 23-22 going into the half. unbelievable. Alabama has to be kicking themselves.

cats go up by 5, still missing wide-open layups and playing sorry defense, proving that KY at their worst can beat AL at their worst, because they are. Both teams deserve to be getting spanked right now. first team to wake up wins.

AL back in front with 13 to go. Ramel Bradley looks like he's playing for the other team.

Ew. Alabama woke up first. 10 pt. lead. KY looks like they've never played basketball before. could get ugly.

crunch time - down 9 with 6 mins to go. get it in to the big fella.

giving it a run. down 4 with 3 1/2 to play. all the sudden everything's going in for both teams.

[side note - who's the biggest loser if KY is knocked out? the city of Nashville...if the KY fans roll out of here the downtown crowd will thin to a trickle.]

lead's down to 2 with 2:15 to play.

tied up. 1:21 to go.

wow - KY 2 pt. lead. 1 to go.

up 4 with 37 seconds to go. helluva comeback.

cats win...unbelievable. crowd's going crazy. downtown merchants sigh of relief.

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