Sunday, February 22, 2009

You're Not Depressed; You Don't Sleep Well
New Scientist magazine reports that some researchers believe we have it backwards when it comes to sleep.
Take anyone with a psychiatric disorder and the chances are they don't sleep well. The result of their illness, you might think. Now this long-standing assumption is being turned on its head, with the radical suggestion that poor sleep might actually cause some psychiatric illnesses or lead people to behave in ways that doctors mistake for mental problems. The good news is that sleep treatments could help or even cure some of these patients. Shockingly, it also means that many people, including children, could be taking psychoactive drugs that cannot help them and might even be harmful.

No one knows how many people might fall into this category.
It's an accepted belief that during our sleep we play out the reality of our conscious lives. What if in fact, the reverse is true? Read the whole thing.

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