Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Will Anti-Stimulus Governors Have the Nerve to Turn Down Money?
It's a good question. Seems like some are at least acting like they're considering it.

All across the country, the last vestiges of Republican fiscal policy are stubbornly hewing to their misguided principles - proven failures or not - at the expense of their struggling states. See California. Lucky for that state, Arnold has been supportive of the stimulus all along. Unlucky for them, they're in such a deep pile of shit that the federal money will be just a drop in the bucket.

But as for the other GOP Governors, who so bravely stuck with their national party and opposed the recovery package, will they be so consistent as to turn down the federal money they claim is so damaging to the American economy? Looks like all the nut-jobbiest potential presidential candidates are contemplating just that.

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