Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Deal
Jeebus, what is left in the stimulus that everyone agrees on if this is the stuff they're cutting out to gain....3 lowly Republican Senators' votes??
The biggest cut, roughly $40 billion in aid to states, was likely to spur a fierce fight in negotiations with the House over the final bill. Many states, hit hard by the recession, face wrenching cuts in services and layoffs of public employees as they struggle to comply with laws requiring them to balance their budgets.
In addition to the large cut in state aid, the Senate agreement would cut nearly $20 billion proposed for school construction; $8 billion to refurbish federal buildings and make them more energy efficient; $1 billion for the early childhood program Head Start; and $2 billion from a plan to expand broadband data networks in rural and underserved areas.
Of all the things to renovation money? Those are construction dollars that can put people to work right away, while rebuilding necessary structures everyone agrees are crumbling. It's a win-win. And the energy efficiency work on federal bldgs? That saves money in the long run, and conserves energy. And money for states could help stave off tens of thousands of layoffs and budget cuts of essential services all across the country. I would think those 3 areas would be the no-brainers. But we have to cut them to plead for favor with the disgraced, soundly defeated party? And even then, just 3 of them??

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