Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Feelings Wouldn't Be Hurt...
...if Republicans just couldn't pick a nominee. Seriously, Mike Huckabee is going to win it? No. And yet he's up 19 in Iowa according to the latest poll, and he's now leading even in South Carolina. Rudy Giuliani - a pro-choice, pro-gay-rights angry former Mayor who made his police force walk the dog of his mistress and taxi her around - is going to win the nomination of today's GOP? Of course not. And yet he leads the national polls. Mitt Romney is going to win? He's stale enough to be their champion, for sure. But his whole plan is about winning Iowa and New Hampshire, and now Huckabee is screwing that all up. What happens to him if he finishes in second in both? McCain's gonna win? After getting trounced in Iowa can a second place finish in NH even keep him in the race? Then there's Thompson who seems to be going nowhere fast. And moneybags Ron Paul who can buy enough commercials to ridicule that sorry cast of characters through February. How could any of them win? Yet why would any of them get out? After the big national primary day, the democratic race will be sewn up one way or another. But here's hoping the GOP is not done yet. What are the chances that after Feb. 5, no candidate has managed more than 33% or so in any single state? I've never seen a brokered convention before. Looks like as good a time as any to watch the fun.

Who can win, and how?

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