Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This is yesterday's news, but didn't want to step on Media Monday. Still, it's nearly as maddening today as it was yesterday. *Our intelligence agencies agree*: Iran stopped their nuclear weapons program 4 years ago and as of earlier this year had not resumed it. Bush and Cheney have known this to be true, all the while rattling sabres (or is it rattling sabers?) and fear-mongering over the supposed Iranian nuclear threat, thinking - I suppose - that the NIE report would stay classified.

This is not some renegade intelligence officer interpreting the evidence differently; it's not a Democrat with an axe to grind. This is the consensus of the intelligence community, an opinion with "high confidence" as to its conclusions. And while we're just now getting to see the report, Bush and Cheney knew about it - at least a moderately confident version - some time ago.

All kinds of speculation today on why this is coming out now (after we were told it would stay classified) and what it all means. Starting here and then here is not a bad route if you want to follow that train.

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