Friday, October 19, 2007

What's Wrong With Huckabee?
I don't get it. Religious Right types are claiming they don't like their choices for president, and are threatening to go with a third-party candidate if Giuliani wins. They can't seriously think a third-party religious conservative has a chance to win, can they? So it's more about principle, right? In that case, why not just throw their lot behind Huckabee? He's a bona fide religious conservative who, admittedly, has very little chance to win the nomination.

If they're not flocking to him, they are not going to rally around a third-party guy either. So we should take all that talk for what it is: idle threats. Like the rest of us here in the real world, they will have to make the best choice they can from the candidates with a chance. And once the general election comes around, the anti-Hillary factor will carry far more weight than any concerns that Giuliani doesn't, you know, agree with their most important, defining beliefs.

Here's my sincere but unsolicited advice to conservative Christians who think they must vote for the guy with the best anti-abortion credentials: stop whining about the losers at the top and get behind Huckabee. Loudly. He could use the money. And, no, it won't work. But if you'd try harder to be organized and committed to a candidate, you'll feel better about what you ultimately have to do (and will do--stop acting like you're above it all. We know better): hold your nose and vote for the better of the two left standing at the end. Take it from me.

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