Monday, October 22, 2007

What have you been reading, listening to, watching?

Weekend Box Office
1. 30 Days of Night
2. Why Did I Get Married?
3. The Game Plan
4. Michael Clayton
5. Gone Baby Gone

We're getting close to the season for Oscar contenders to start being released. My understanding is that Ben Affleck's directorial debut (#5 in the list) is quite a good one. Why am I not sold? Which films are you anticipating?

Free Culture, Please
At Christopher Corbell's blog(!), Music Libre, he links to depressing news from Slashdot. An online provider of public domain music has had to turn out the lights, thanks to pressure from publishers. The assault on fair use and the public domain continues. One of the handful of annoying things about living in Nashville is that - with a few notable exceptions - we're pretty much national headquarters for the shrill, bullying, self-righteous, deceitful, screeching anti-creative, music profiteering racket. Here's hoping Chris's posts keep coming (In the words of Christopher Walken, kind of, we need more Corbell.)

And while I've got Corbell on the brain, as if the cosmos were purposefully aligning, last night I watched a few minutes of Battleship Potemkin on TCM (thanks for the heads-up Farge! Silent Russian movie really know your way to a guy's heart). What a great film, eh? But of course its major contribution was paving the way for the brilliant homage, Battleship Pumpkin. That film, by the way, was created by Article 27 Productions, the round-about inspiration for the title of this blog.

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