Friday, August 14, 2009

Movie Notes
Believe it or not, I really liked the new movie Julie and Julia. I was pretty surprised myself. It's funny and sweet and understated in some truly nice moments. Kind of fluffy but without being too sappy or childish. Yeah a dumb moment here and there, but didn't detract from the overall fun of it. And, as much as I went to watch Streep's performance, I honestly forgot it was her after a while. It seems stupidly obvious to even say, but she really is pretty good. Lots of it is her voice here, but plenty of subtle physical things going on as well (not that I'm some acting expert).

I followed that up with Adoration last night. Not sure I could have picked a more completely different film. Atom Egoyan's movies are always a fascinating, gradual uncovering of truth, and Adoration is no different. This one is HEAVY though, all the way through. And some of the real head-scratching decisions you witness early on don't really hold up under the weight, even if they are to some degree explained by the time you get to the end. As much as I wanted to like it - and definitely was moved and surprised in a few very poignnant moments, the whole thing just comes off as too contrived to hold together.

Lastly, it's not out yet, but District 9 is getting great reviews, which I of course have not read because I don't like to do that sort of thing. Still, you can tell from the headlines they're very positive.

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