Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Idea
I sat through a replay of much of the same congressional hearing that LATimes columnist Michael Hiltzik watched. And yes, it was thoroughly painful. The only conclusion to draw is that the men and women representing us in the House are, for the most part, morons. And the ones that do have some ability to think clearly are often short-circuited by some internal fear that spewing anything but the cliches of the day just might have the disastrous result that they lose an election, as if the stability of the free world hinges on their ability stay in office, and therefore anything done in that effort is a good thing.

But never fear: I have a solution. Likely, each House member had the good sense to hire some legislative staff person that has a clue what's going on, what the issues are. I say from now on, House hearings should be attended only by those knowledgeable staffers, and not the Representative. They can be briefed later. Yeah, that means we would lose a few strong inquisitors like Henry Waxman. But that would be more than made up for by getting rid of the likes of Michelle Bachmann. She's already an embarrassment to her district; there's no reason why she must embarrass all of Congress by getting to ask ridiculous questions on TV. See for yourself at Kevin's blog.

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