Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Billy Donovan Watch
Lots of other more important things to think and worry about, but I've got my sport on today. The Predators are flagging and have a big trio of games left in the year. The Red Sox opening day effort was, well, uninspiring. And I go back-and-forth over whether Donovan might actually take the KY job. Word on the street is $4 million/year will be offered. I expect we'll know something by tomorrow or Thursday. Why would he leave? Why would he want to go to such a draining place? On the other hand, he'll never again have a Florida team that good, and he'll always be competing with Kentucky for the top spot. If, in 4-5 years, KY is back to perennial conference champs and #1 or 2 seed in the tourney, and Donovan is back to first-and-second-round exits...think he'll be regretting it? And if he doesn't take the job, who will? And how good can they possibly be?

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