Monday, May 01, 2006

What have you been reading, watching, listening to?

Barenaked Lady on Copyright
Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies has a sensible op-ed about copyright and music. I want to point out - in hopes of following Doug's footsteps, creating a massive Canadian readership - that Mr. Page is Canadian. And his piece is in a Canadian newspaper. In Canada.
We know that record companies and music publishers are not our enemies. They are often run by people who love music and are passionate about the promotion of Canadian culture.

Much of their lobbying, however, is not about protecting artists or promoting Canadian culture. It is about propping up business models in the recording industry that are quickly becoming obsolete and unsustainable. It is about preserving foreign-based power structures and further entrenching the labels' role as industry gatekeepers. Their lobbying efforts are focused on passing laws that restrict artists' ability to take control of their own music, reach their fans in more direct ways and earn a decent living from music without sacrificing their autonomy.

IL Dem isn't just TALKING about impeachment
She's done something about it. Karen Yarbrough has introduced a bill in the Illinois General Assembly based on Section 603 of Thomas Jefferson’s Manual of Parliamentary Practice and Rules of the House of Representatives, which stipulates that state legislatures may initiate federal impeachment proceedings by way of joint resolution.

Weekend Box Office
1 RV
2 United 93
3 Stick It
4 Silent Hill
5 Scary Movie 4

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