Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Attempted Hijacking of Multiculturalism

This from Lamar Alexander's recent remarks:

“I worry, Mr. President, that translating our national anthem will actually have the effect of dividing us. It adds to the celebration of multiculturalism in our society which has eroded our understanding of our common American culture." (bold italics added)

Is it just me, or are there others who associate "celebrating multiculturalism" with only positive things? And what will they hijack next? Ice cream?

[Update by Don--sorry the comments box won't let me put lots of links in, so adding it here. Not only has the Banner been translated before, it is in Spanish on the Gov's own website, and you'll never guess who joined in the singing of the Banner in Spanish on the campaign trail while courting the Hispanic vote...George W Bush...McClellan was asked about it today and I don't think he liked it. What a phony Bush is...]

[UPDATE 2--More of Bush being for the Spanish Star-Spangled-Banner before he was against it...haaaaaa. this is getting hilarious. Something tells me we heard the last of him on that...]

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