Monday, April 17, 2006

What have you been reading, watching, listening to?

By Popular Demand
In the comments, Scott requests a Neko Case review. I caught her show in Memphis at the HiTone Saturday. She was really incredible - and the band was just right. Her legendary voice is every bit as good live, all the more impressive since she sings so hard. How to do that while on tour? Her pitch and tone were solid.

Best of all though was the intimate venue. I don't know if everyone enjoys those tight-fitting, standing room only, hot and sweaty shows like I do. But I don't think there's any better way for an artist and an audience to share energy. If it hadn't been for the truly horrendous sound--and not sure who to blame for that--it would have been an unbeatable night. But the constant feedback while they plied the reverb as high as they could, was a constant disappointing distraction.

Like I linked last week, if you want to hear a live show of hers from DC earlier this month, NPR has it online!

Would this be a metaphor?

I missed this story Friday, in which the US military has reportedly admitted to having trampled all over the cradle of civilization in Iraq. The money quote, from the Marine in charge of winning hearts and minds by destroying priceless artifacts:
“If it wasn’t for our presence, what would the state of those archaeological ruins be?”
Maybe less ruined.
- Deb 3:04 pm

Weekend Box Office
1. Scary Movie 4
2. Ice Age: The Meltdown
3. The Benchwarmers
4. The Wild
5. Take the Lead

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