Friday, April 14, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth
The trailer has been released for the Al Gore film. Not sure i'm crazy about the marketing approach--see what you think. But it looks like the kind of demonstration that says all the things that need to be said about global warming and the future of the planet.

I'm a small-minded, naive person. So for at least a few minutes after seeing it I'd like to believe that lots and lots of people could be convinced to see it. And that if they do---and if it doesn't have political jabs to hang their fear on ("just a bunch of Bush-bashing!")---it could fundamentally change the debate here over environmental protection and global warming. An infusion of regular movie-going people suddenly determined to address that issue would do it.

But then, I thought Super Size Me might bring down McDonald's.

One thing is for sure - if this film doesn't do well at the box office, Republicans and right-wingers will use that fact to laugh at Al Gore and say he's a failure and doesn't resonate with the people. But if it does well...they will do everything they can to ridicule the substance and will attack him viciously every way they can. If Inconvenient Truth makes 80-100 million this summer, he will become the dirty word Michael Moore is.

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