Monday, January 23, 2006

What have you been reading, watching listening to?

Oscar Favorite
I haven't seen many of the Oscar contenders, but I've still picked my favorite. I'll get around to seeing Brokeback Mountain but even unseen it's the one I hope wins. I was tiring of the hype and expected to jump on the bandwagon of some underdog. Then, last week, Chris Matthews and Don Imus had this annoying exchange, and the Washington Post ran this annoying cartoon on the comics page (which may have caused Jon at Americablog a bit of an overreaction but still). With so many people out there refusing to give gay people a freaking break, I realized it needs to win just so that fact can be stuck up their collective asses.

Weekend Box Office
1. Underworld: Evolution
2. Hoodwinked
3. Glory Road
4. Last Holiday
5. Brokeback Mountain

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